Looking for Hang Drum For Sale?

Hang drum for sale

Hey my name is Liam Hatman and I have been playing hang drum since 2011. I decided to put together this website, because a lot people are asking me where to find hang drum for sale. But before I get into this, let see why they are so hard to buy.

Handpan drums are very unique. Unlike most of other instruments, they are hand-made and not mass produced. This is also a reason why there is only a handful companies that makes them.

Hang drum is quite new instrument that was first introduced in 2001 by PANArt. Just a bit over a decade later, PANArt decided to stop making Hang and focused on making Gubal instead. As you can imagine, their Hang are still in high demand, especially among hardcore fans.

PANArt hang for sale

PANArt hang drumFelix Rohner and Sabina Schärer from Bern, Switzerland are the godfather and godmother of hang. Their company PANArt start selling Hang (they actually don’t like it when people call it drums) in 2001 and sold pretty limited number of them. Between 2001 and 2005 they made on average 850 of Hangs yearly and in following years they cut production to half of that. In 2013 PANArt decided to stop Hang drum production completely.

Their Hang were always in high demand and you really had to be very lucky to get your hand on one of this beauties. If you want one now, your only chance is to buy used one. PANArt hang for sale can be found on classified sites like eBay and Craigslist.

PANArt hang drum priceEven if you find PANArt hang for sale, you will have to be ready to pay big bucks. Since they are basically collectables, price of used one can be even higher than original price, which was up to 2600$. It’s not unusual to see used PANArt hang to be sold for up 7000-8000$ and even 13.000$.

However, keep in mind that all buyers that bought hang directly from PANArt since 2008 had general speculation prohibition included in every sales contract, that stated: The purchaser may not sell his Hang at a higher price than the price he paid himself.

Where to buy a hang drum?

Hang drum is not exactly instrument that you can buy in every local music shop. So where can you buy a hang drum or handpan in general? Your options are quite limited, but don’t worry, I’ll help you out with few tips.

  1. Your first option is to buy it directly from manufacturer. While this sounds like logical thing to do, it can also be quite frustrating. All good handpan drum companies have very long waiting list and you need to wait your turn. Some of them don’t even accept new applications for several months. I waited for my hang drum for almost 6 months before I was able to play it for the first time. If you have enough patience and you want quality handpan from specific manufacturer, then this is one way to go.
  2. Since you can’t buy new hang drum anymore (since PANArt stop making them), you can also buy secondhand one. That usually means buying it on eBay or other similar pages. Buying used hang drum comes with its own challenges. But main challenge is usually the price. If you think that secondhand hang will be cheaper, then think again. Since new hang are hard to get, the price of used one can be even higher than the price of brand new one.
  3. Luckily, some handpans can be bought from dealer and even on online stores. Dealers and online shops that carry handpan drums are rare and hard to find. But at times, you can even find them at places you would never search. One of this places is Amazon. Yes, you heard me right. The last time I was looking for handpan drum on Amazon, I found few different models and some of them were even reasonably priced. Definitely worth of checking them out.

As you can see, it can be quite challenging to get your hands on hang drum. When you have an option to buy hang drum you like, act fast. It’s often first come first serve situation and you don’t want to miss your chance.

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Hang drum price range

Hang drumIf you ever looked to buy hang drum, then you know they don’t come cheap. Back in 2001  PANArt’s hang drum price was only around 400$. Their popularity grow fast and so did the price. By the last generation, PANArt hang drum price reached 2600$.

When they stop producing them in 2013, price of hang drum rise even more. Its not unusual to see PANArt’s hang drum going for 7.000-13.000$ on eBay. Another reason why people are willing to pay so much, is the fact that there were only around 4300 first generation hang produced and around 800 of second generation, which makes them quite rare.

Used hang drumHowever, you can still buy handpan drum at more reasonable price. If you are willing to buy handpan made by some other manufacturer (which can be just as good), you’ll see that their handpan drum price range is somewhere between 2.500-4.000$.

If that is still too much, you can buy one from less known brand and even home-made handpans. You might not get the quality and sound you would want, but some are still quite decent. You can get one of this for as low as couple hundred US dollars. My first handpan cost me only 450$. At time I wasn’t willing to pay more, because I wasn’t sure If I’ll like to play it after some time. And when I was sure, I decided to buy PANArt’s hang drum.

Looking for used hang drum for sale

Looking for used hang drum for sale is very time consuming expensive. Specially if you are looking for original PANArt hang drum.

Since PANArt stopped producing hang drum and some of other top notch companies have long list, the prices of used handpan drums skyrocked and often surpass the price of new one. However, you might still find some gold nuggets any buy one for “normal” price.

Hang drum for sale ebay

Best place to find used used hang drum for sale is eBay. You can find new listings almost daily. But be careful of scams. I heard horror stories about paying a lot of money for fake PANArt, sub-par hang and hang that doesn’t even exist.

But before you visit eBay to find new handpan or used hang drum for sale, you might also want to check out “Handpan bay” Facebook community. You can find daily new listings from eBay and plenty of useful comments that will help you decide if purchase is good idea or not.

Where to buy hang drumMany sellers post youtube videos to demonstrate look and sound of hang drum they are selling. This way you can see and hear what you can expect. This can also be sign that seller is not a scammer. If you are still not sure, ask them to send additional pictures or videos.

Great think about hang drums is that it actually good investment (at least in most cases). Even if you decided to sell yours, you can often sell it for same money you bought or even for more with a little bit of luck.

Handpan drums for sale on Amazon

Tzevaot hang drum for saleAs I mention before, Amazon.com is also one of the places where you can find handpan drums for sale. Unfortunately they don’t have huge selection and some models might be out of stock at any time. At time of my writing, they only had few models (list below).

If you are interested, you can find those handpans for sale on Amazon:

  1. Tzevaot PENTA-C hang Drum – Nitride and nitro carburized for a warm sound that is highly resilient against rust
  2. Tzevaot AEOLIAN – Comes with secure hard case good for traveling, shipping or storage
  3. Tzevaot VOYAGER Handpan Drum – Scale (E) B D E F# G B D, including secure hard case that is good for traveling, shipping or storage.
  4. Tzevaot D-MINOR Handpan – Scale (D) A C D E F G A C is recognized as a “beautiful darkness”. Comes with hard case.
  5. Bali steel pan in SHANG DIAO tuning:F Bb C Eb F G# Bb C Eb. Comes with carrying bag.
  6. Bali steel pan – Comes in several different scales. Carrying bag included.

I hope this article helped you and will make your hang drum buying experience pleasant.

Hang alternative: Steel Tongue Drum

As I mention before, Hang and other handpan drums can be very expensive. However, there are much cheaper drums that sound similar to handpans, are smaller, and easier to carry around. I’m talking about steel tongue drums.

Guda steel tongue drumThey are often made out of empty propane tank and have 7-10 tongues cut radially into bottom. Others have more Hang alike shape or similar shape.

Beside looking great, they are much more affordable and available. While you would have to pay 2000$ and more for handpan drum, typical steel tongue drum will cost you only between 200-350$. Some rare hand made and designer steel tongue drum might cost you 600$ and up to 900$.

Hapi drum,  Idiopan, and Guda some of most popular steel tongue drum brands and they are a good choice.

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